Want An EnerPHit Certified Retrofit?

Building Certification is a stamp of quality assurance that a building meets the high-performance, comfort and hygiene levels of the EnerPHit Standard.

The Passive House Standard often cannot be feasibly achieved in older buildings due to various difficulties.  Building enclosure retrofits to the EnerPHit Standard using Passive House components leads to extensive improvements with respect to thermal comfort, structural integrity and energy requirements.  There are two methods to meet the EnerPHit Standard:

  1. Compliance with the criteria for the building component method or,
  2. Compliance with the criteria for the energy demand method (maximum heating demand of 25 kWh/(m²yr)).

To start the certification process it is highly recommended to engage a Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant (CPHD or CPHC designation approved by the Passive House Institute).  Akira Living has Certified Passive House Designers (CPHD) that will help navigate options for the next step – engaging a Passive House Institute (PHI) Certifier.  Engaging both professionals early in the design process will help expedite obtaining a building permit and the overall certification process.  Akira Living’s Certified Passive House Designers will mitigate risk by identifying issues early in the design process, plus provide professional building enclosure design expertise.

Akira Living as the CPHD produce all EnerPHit Certification Submission Documents.  This includes drawings, specifications, calculations and other documentation required by the Passive House Institute (PHI) for the Design Stage Review submitted to the Passive House Certifier.  For EnerPHit projects, Akira Living is the Energy Advisor, and will produce a computer generated energy model with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software showing all performance requirements have been met.

Combining EnerPHit Services with Building Enclosure Services streamlines the design process.  Contact Akira Living to learn more.

How much does it cost?

A PHI Certifier retained for a single-family home costs between $3,000-$5,000, depending on size and complexity.  The PHI Certifier is a peer review process to confirm  the project meets the EnerPHit Standard.  Once approved by the PHI Certifier, the project is ready to apply for the Building Permit.  The PHI Certifier will also conduct a post-construction review to ensure the EnerPHit Certification Submission Documents align with the completed building enclosure retrofit.

Verification by the Passive House Institute

When the retrofit is complete, the post construction documentation is reviewed and verified, a certificate is issued!  The EnerPHit Certified Retrofit is awarded with a plaque to proudly display at the building’s front entrance.  A reminder to all visitors that luxury is not created solely by finishes appealing to the eye.  True Luxury© is a feeling of unsurpassed comfort, warmth and indoor air quality that is realized with the EnerPHit Standard.

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Discomfort is felt when your body radiates heat to colder surfaces around you. This does not happen in a Passive House. Super-insulated building enclosure including high performance windows ensures comfortable interior conditions with no cold surfaces on the walls, floor, or roof. No temperature swings or drafts. The constant interior temperatures provide a new level of comfort – once you experience it you won’t go back.
Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system delivering constant fresh filtrated air resulting in better indoor air quality, free of mold and lower levels of carbon dioxide, creating a healthy space to live.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure eliminates nearly all street noise when all windows and doors are closed. So you can get back to Netflix in peace and quiet.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure that’s thermal bridge free with controlled ventilation prevents condensation from forming on interior surfaces. A structure free of condensation damage will ensure an extraordinary service life.
Passive House buildings consume 75% to 90% less heating energy than conventional homes. Save money on your monthly expenses by reducing your energy consumption.
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