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Akira Living is a Building Consulting firm that works with architects, residential designers, developers, builders, and the most vital participants of all – the homeowners.  We provide project design assistance, full building enclosure consulting/design and energy modeling services for Passive House projects in British Columbia (Step 5 for Part 9 & Step 4 for Part 3 buildings in the BC Energy Step Code) and Alberta.  We design airtight super-insulated building enclosures tailored to suit the project’s specific climate and indoor environmental conditions.  This includes straightforward construction drawing details and specifications to create a truly high end building enclosure designed to meet the Passive House Standard (Certified Passive House application is not necessary, but is available).  The specifications include recommended building products and material installation instructions to create an energy efficient home that is more comfortable, nearly soundproof to street noise, and resilient to condensation damage.  We provide technical guidance on material selection of critical components such as windows/doors and the heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system.  We work closely with our clients during the design stage to ensure all expectations are surpassed.

All our building enclosure assemblies (foundation walls, exterior walls, roofs and floors) are evaluated with thermal and hygrothermal computer simulation software tools to validate superior long-term performance compared to conventional house assemblies.  Akira Living personnel have extensive experience with the Heat, Air & Moisture (H.A.M.) Toolbox, WUFI-Pro 5, and Therm.  The software serves a critical purpose to ensure a high performance building enclosure is designed on every project.

The following services are for Builders and Design Professionals that want a building enclosure design upgrade to achieve Passive House objectives for high end homes that benefit the inhabitants health and overall quality of life.  True Luxury© starts with Akira Living.  Find out how with the services provided below.


Pre-Design Assessment

A review of any existing architectural drawings to review floor plan layouts and verify any potential barriers from implementing an Akira Living super-insulated building enclosure.


Whole-Building Energy Modelling

The energy model with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) and DesignPH software are useful for optimizing comfort inside a building and evaluating the cost effectiveness of various design choices.


Want a Certified Passive House?

Akira Living has Certified Passive House Designers (CPHD) professionally trained to produce the necessary application documents required by the Passive House Institute (PHI).


Additional Services

Akira Living offers a wide range of quality assurance services required to build a high performance house/building.

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Discomfort is felt when your body radiates heat to colder surfaces around you. This does not happen in a Passive House. Super-insulated building enclosure including high performance windows ensures comfortable interior conditions with no cold surfaces on the walls, floor, or roof. No temperature swings or drafts. The constant interior temperatures provide a new level of comfort – once you experience it you won’t go back.
Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system delivering constant fresh filtrated air resulting in better indoor air quality, free of mold and lower levels of carbon dioxide, creating a healthy space to live.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure eliminates nearly all street noise when all windows and doors are closed. So you can get back to Netflix in peace and quiet.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure that’s thermal bridge free with controlled ventilation prevents condensation from forming on interior surfaces. A structure free of condensation damage will ensure an extraordinary service life.
Passive House buildings consume 75% to 90% less heating energy than conventional homes. Save money on your monthly expenses by reducing your energy consumption.
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