Akira Living, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a professional building enclosure consulting firm providing project design assistance, full building enclosure consulting/design and energy modeling services to achieve Passive House objectives.

It’s now possible to design and construct a home that is not only built to a higher standard, but is also more affordable.  Whether the project is a moderate sized house, apartment building, or cabin off the grid – the Passive House Standard just works.  Akira Living is your trusted technical information source to get your project jump started.  Our building enclosure assemblies and transition details are engineered to be durable with cost effective constructability to save you time in extensive research.  Designs validated by our building enclosure specialists will provide you with peace of mind on all projects.

The following services are for architects, residential designers, builders, or developers that want high-end homes that benefit the inhabitants health and overall quality of life.  True Luxury© starts with Akira Living.  Find out how with the services provided below.


New House Construction

Building a custom house?  Akira Living has Building Enclosure Experts and Certified Passive House Designers (CPHD) that can collaborate with your design team or builder to provide practical building enclosure solutions to help deliver Passive House performance affordably.


Full Exterior Renovation

Renovating the exterior of your house?  This is an opportunity to eliminate cold air drafts and increase the insulation levels to maximize comfort and significantly lower utility (heating and cooling) costs.


The information and drawings contained in this website or obtained from Akira Living is company/firm specific and cannot be sold, duplicated or shared in any way with other companies/firms without the written authorization of Akira Living.

Information and drawings obtained from Akira Living are not intended to replace professional advice.  When an Akira Living Building Enclosure Detail Package is incorporated into buildings, it must be reviewed by knowledgeable building envelope professionals and/or architects and reflect the specific unique conditions and design parameters of each building.  Use of Detail Packages does not relieve designers or builders of their responsibility to comply with local building codes, standards and by-laws with respect to the design and construction of the building enclosure.  Akira Living products and services do not include sealed engineer drawings, or sealed schedules that may be required by the municipality.  Akira Living works with several Professional Engineers and sealed drawings or sealed schedules can be provided for projects within British Columbia and Alberta if required for an additional fee.

Readers are advised to evaluate the information, materials and techniques cautiously for themselves and to consult appropriate professional resources to determine whether information, materials and techniques are suitable in their case.  Project and site-specific factors of climate, cost, aesthetics, etc., must be taken into consideration.

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Discomfort is felt when your body radiates heat to colder surfaces around you. This does not happen in a Passive House. Super-insulated building enclosure including high performance windows ensures comfortable interior conditions with no cold surfaces on the walls, floor, or roof. No temperature swings or drafts. The constant interior temperatures provide a new level of comfort – once you experience it you won’t go back.
Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system delivering constant fresh filtrated air resulting in better indoor air quality, free of mold and lower levels of carbon dioxide, creating a healthy space to live.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure eliminates nearly all street noise when all windows and doors are closed. So you can get back to Netflix in peace and quiet.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure that’s thermal bridge free with controlled ventilation prevents condensation from forming on interior surfaces. A structure free of condensation damage will ensure an extraordinary service life.
Passive House buildings consume 75% to 90% less heating energy than conventional homes. Save money on your monthly expenses by reducing your energy consumption.
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