I-joist outrigger

Why is the I-joist outrigger wall assembly a popular choice for Builders?

Tried-and-true wall assembly built in Canada for 40 years!

The I-joist outrigger assembly was not invented by Akira Living. Versions of this wall assembly have been used in super-insulated house construction in Canada for over 40 years. Today’s I-joist wall assembly coupled with a durable smart vapour retarder membrane (interior airtight layer) in lieu of 6 mil polyethylene, and a durable weather resistive barrier (exterior airtight layer) in lieu of building paper, and dense pack cellulose in lieu of batt insulation – creates performance attributes that make it the preferred wall choice for beginner and expert Builders alike in light-wood frame construction. Akira Living’s preferred recipe and solution to create super-insulated above grade walls designed for a Passive House in low-rise wood-framed projects. See HIRO and KAI to learn more about the building enclosure construction assemblies and detail packages available.

The evolution of the I-joist outrigger assembly starts with why it was invented…

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Discomfort is felt when your body radiates heat to colder surfaces around you. This does not happen in a Passive House. Super-insulated building enclosure including high performance windows ensures comfortable interior conditions with no cold surfaces on the walls, floor, or roof. No temperature swings or drafts. The constant interior temperatures provide a new level of comfort – once you experience it you won’t go back.
Heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system delivering constant fresh filtrated air resulting in better indoor air quality, free of mold and lower levels of carbon dioxide, creating a healthy space to live.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure eliminates nearly all street noise when all windows and doors are closed. So you can get back to Netflix in peace and quiet.
Super-insulated and airtight building enclosure that’s thermal bridge free with controlled ventilation prevents condensation from forming on interior surfaces. A structure free of condensation damage will ensure an extraordinary service life.
Passive House buildings consume 75% to 90% less heating energy than conventional homes. Save money on your monthly expenses by reducing your energy consumption.
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